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What do you do when the sofa is stained? Discover the best tips about stain removal here. Do you know how to remove bad odors? You will find the following carpet cleaning tips extremely useful and helpful.

The frequency of cleaning carpets

If you think you have to wet steam your carpet frequently, you are wrong. Sometimes, vacuum cleaning will already suffice. Experts in Moorpark suggest that you only do wet steam cleaning at least once a month to avoid damaging the carpet. You can only do more than once if you think the first one is not enough.

Don’t leave a spot

If you think you can just hide stains and let them stay, you are wrong. These stains could spread and damage the entire carpet. It is suggested to clean the stains immediately at first sight and never let them stay for a long time.

Clean right after a spill

If you accidentally spill liquid or food on your carpet, clean it immediately. Liquids especially should be removed right away before they dry up. Once a spill dries up on the carpet, it tends to become more permanent and cleaning it off would be more difficult.

Remove chocolate

Chocolates are supposed to go into your mouth or the mug, but if some of them find their way on the carpet, be sure to scrape them off the carpet gently. When pre-treating the stain, use a mixture of mild detergent, white vinegar, and warm water. Use the solution to spot clean the affected area. Let it dry, and then vacuum.

Get rid of carpet stains immediately

Don't underestimate the importance of immediate carpet stain removal. If stains are not cleaned right away, it will be hard to remove later. The colors of the fibers will fade and the carpet will be contaminated. Mites will multiply and the atmosphere won't be fresh and clean. Such problems will have terrible effects on your health and can be avoided with instant carpet cleaning.


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