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Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Moorpark is situated in Southern California, being known as a great agricultural area. The city grew starting with the 70’s, especially because of the good environment for apricots. The 35 000 people are proud of their community, and this is why the Residential Carpet Cleaning Moorpark companies are considered as an important pillar of this community, considering that those take care of cleaning the house of the Moorpark residents.

We Have Always Washed the Carpets Using the Traditional Methods

and as all our clients prefer to wash their carpets manually, we will do the same, if it is possible. It is true that we can use the modern residential carpet cleaning methods, but we prefer the traditional methods for expensive rugs, as it is known that the most effective method to clean those rugs is the manual one. However, as few elements of modern technology must be applied even to this type of home carpet cleaning

For example, the washing device with pressured water jet is the latest addition to our collection of devices, being one of the fewest methods to clean the really dirty carpet that was proven as effective.

There is also the electrical brush that replaces the work of man, with a rotating speed and with a precision that are clearly calculated, so what you can do in 2-3 hours of rubbing with your hands can now be done in 10 minutes, with careful brushing. The diameter of the plastic brush is 45 centimeters, making it ideal for cleaning small areas, but also for cleaning extended portions of carpet. In other words, the system is perfect for house carpet cleaning, but also for commercial places, industrial halls and office buildings where large portions of carpet must be covered.

The continuous water jet will ensure complete removal of dust, mud, or other forms of dirtiness. The liquid detergent that is specially made for professional usage, being delicate with the materials but unmerciful with dirt and dust. In any case, it is not such a great idea to wash the delicate materials with some common detergents, as you might ruin their texture. This is why the Residential Carpet Cleaning Moorpark Company is recommended, as it will use the suited detergent for this work, making sure that all the materials are protected.

For the carpets that belong to animal lovers, our Residential Carpet cleaning Company has a special substance that will remove the unpleasant odors. However, as in some cases, the urine of the animals contain hormones with a persistent smell, we might need to apply some special substances. For families and kindergartens, we use a product that has two special ingredients, such as germicide and a component with an anti-bacterial action, which destroys a large number of germs and bacteria that can be found in the tissue of the carpet. As the special type of washing does not mean a supplementary cost, there is no reason for you not to use this method. The operation costs just as much as any other normal operation, and this is why you should think about it.

We also know the exact quantity of water needed to wash any kind of carpet, and this is why we are an environmental friendly company. We would like to keep this good name, and this can be done only by offering the perfect services to the clients.


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